Affordable But Cool Headboard Ideas

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Cool Headboard Ideas High

Cool headboard ideas – Hit thrift stores, or throw old headboard out of garage and slap it in a new coat of paint – slate variety that it is. To begin, lightly sanding headboard, wipe with a damp cloth, and when dry, brush or roller in so many layers of slate paint it requires in order to evenly cover surface of wood. For additional instinct consider adding a white border that highlights silhouette of headboard or any other shapes and designs that you do not want to “erase” later.

Another DIY super simple and very affordable but cool headboard ideas, it is essentially painter tape, brushes, rollers, paint, and creativity. Grab your favorite paint from zero-VOC interiors – order in high-gloss if you dare – and mask a design behind your bed. This can be as simple as a rectangular, square or circular shape, or as ornate as a zigzag gal, scroll pattern, or geometric design.

For final finish in its solid rectangular or square designs, complete perimeter of graffiti on cool headboard ideas of bed with a wood border trim mounted directly on wall. Not in paint? Then try an even easier, but slightly more expensive pre-cut header size tags that simply apply directly to wall behind your bed.

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