Awesome Decorative Street Lights

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Amazing Decorative Street Lights

Decorative street lights – The city offers decorative street light choices for neighborhoods that should be reconstructed. Instead of the current standard galvanized streetlights, decorative street lights have features including color, pole styles, and pole arm types. Please note that decorative street light poles should be installed to the entire neighborhood.

Decorative street lights work is subject towards the approval from the Local Improvement Bylaw. Streetlights with standard galvanized poles are replaced; this method carries no cost towards the homeowners. However, property owners also can choose decorative street lighting. The price of decorative street lighting, just the incremental amount as well as above the price of standard galvanized poles is paid by property owners.

Local improvements tend to be carried in conjunction along with major construction work inside a neighborhood. Since local improvements benefit a neighborhood greater than the municipality in general, a portion of those costs are covered by neighborhood property owners.  In case a neighborhood opts for decorative street lights, the property owners are responsible to pay out 100 per cent of the value as well as above the price of replacing the streetlights with standard galvanized poles.

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