Backyard Garden Design With Waterfall

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Backyard Garden Design Features

Backyard garden design – The location of your waterfall determine its specific characteristics. Determines the slope, if any, present in the garden and directs the drain out of your house. Although trees growing around a waterfall are attractive, shade the water and make leaves fall, causing crowding and increasing maintenance needs. Your waterfall need a pump and a filter to operate, so the source placed near a source of electricity waterproof. Finally, choose a location that offers a pleasant view from a room in the house, a patio or terrace.

Build your waterfall on a liner to prevent water from seeping into the backyard garden design. Options include hard coverings made of prefabricated fiberglass or plastic and flexible rubber or plastic specifically designed for use in ponds. You can also use ceramic jugs, barrels, tubs or pools of children. Beyond what style you choose carpet, make sure that emit no toxic materials that can harm fish or other wildlife. Use natural rocks in varied to complete the waterfall and hold the liner in place sizes. A layer of small rocks, 3/8 to 3 inches in diameter, covering the flat areas. The larger rocks, as slabs, flagstone or field rocks, piled on the sides of the waterfall and act as dripping rocks to create waterfalls.

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Complete your waterfall and rocks with a mixture of plants for backyard garden design. Submerged plants grow under water, where they provide oxygen and help reduce algae growth. Options include yarrow common water, sea grasses, and herbs hornwort pond. Floating plants also reduce algae creating shade and taking nutrients and oxygen. Among the duckweed species, the bite of frog, water fern and water hyacinth are included.

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