Best Delta Shower Head

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Delta Shower Head Handle

Delta shower head – An overhead shower also needs a drain that can discharge more quickly larger volumes of water. A normal discharge can process about 35 liters of water per minute. Rain showers need a drain with a larger capacity.

Keep in mind that the shower should be placed sufficiently high, as high as possible. The higher the position, the more comfortable feel. The rays are best at 10 to 20 centimeters above your head. Note that, the higher the delta shower head, the faster the water cools. This ensures that you consume more energy in proportion.

While a normal shower uses 11 liters / minute, a rain shower will quickly consume all 25 liters / minute. To reduce the water consumption a little, you can install an ecological rain shower. This way you can reduce fuel consumption up to 17 liters / minute. Rain delta shower head can be available in different sizes. The cross sections vary from 15 to 40 cm. The larger the shower heads, the higher the fuel consumption. Most of the rain showers come with an additional hand shower and a vertical rod, so you can use it also as a shower head for a change. These shower heads consume much less water.

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