Best Mirrored Headboard Ideas

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Modern Mirrored Headboard

Best Mirrored Headboard ideas Mirrored furniture is undeniably glamorous mirrored headboards are no exception. Authentic mirrored Art Deco beds are hard to find, and they are quite expensive if you find one. Before you rush out to buy a reproduction that cost almost as much as an antique, consider some DIY project that gives you the same feeling glamorous for much less.

One of the easiest ways you can get the look of a mirrored headboard is by hanging a framed mirror behind the bed. Or you can mirror an existing headboard. Search thrift stores for a used headboard with recessed panels or a broad flat surface. Have a glass companies cut mirrors to fit expanse or inlaid and secure them with tape. Before you attach the mirrors, you may want to paint the gable. Wood is beautiful in general, but a painted finish that suits the mirrored look better. Join glossy black or white or faux finished in metallic gold or silver. It will be difficult to take the headboard back to its original state, so do not try this on a valuable antique or a piece of sentimental value.

Mirrored headboard plates, fit the square or diamond-shaped mirrored tiles on the wall behind the bed. Using peel and stick type or mount them in the traditional way with the glass rosettes. For a retro touch, try the mirrors with silver or gold veining. Hanging plates close together, with all the sides touching. Frame outer edges with bearing the molding from the hardware store. If you rent, or if you tend to move the furniture about, you might want to assemble the entire congregation to a portable piece of plywood, rather than directly on the wall.

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