Building Bed Frame Without Headboard

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Bed Frame Without Headboard Black

Bed frame without headboard-You can build a sturdy bed frame is actually stronger than the transparent metal frames normally used on average beds. By using studs, and help you customize to fit the frame of the bed, and the frame can be disassembled for easy transport. If you can use a miter saw and a cordless screwdriver, you can build this bed frame without headboard for about an hour.


Measure the length and the width of the box springs. Add an inch to the width and cut two studs to this length. Place the long studs on a flat surface with short studs between them, flushing the ends. The studs should stand on their narrow edges. Drill three holes through each of the long stud at the end, penetrating the ends of the short studs. These pilot holes for the screws. Place 3-inch screws in all the holes and run them close in the short stud with a drill / screwdriver.

Place a half-inch scrap block in each corner and the center of the blocks, halfway between the ends of the long sides of the frame. You will build the bed frame without headboard upside down, feet sticking straight up when you turn on them.  Clamp feet fast in the corners with a hand squeeze. Put a clamp on each block stands midway between the ends.  Place screws into all the holes. Run the screws in tight, and then remove the clamps.

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