Building Queen Size Bed Headboard

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Queen Size Bed Headboard And Footboard

Queen size bed headboard – Building a headboard for your bed on your own is not as daunting as it may seem. Basic carpentry, sewing and or craft knowledge is all that is needed to create an attractive queen size bed headboard. Whether you are trying to create an attractive background for your bedding or add extra storage to your bedroom, there are several styles that you can consider.


The exact benefits you reap from having a headboard depends on the type of headboard you choose. Generally, a headboard a central design point of the bedroom which links the overall style together. The best headboards also provide a comfortable place to lie back on when you sit up in bed. Of course, the advantage of building headboard yourself means you get all this for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the headboard.


Hard and quilted are the two main types in the world of queen size bed headboard styles. Hard headboards are often carved wood or faux wood, with some posts and some solid panels. More often than not, hard headboards consist of ground and painted wood or plywood. Soft headboards tend to be large plywood shapes covered with padding and upholstery fabric quality.

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