Decorative Light Switch Covers Ideas

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Awesome Decorative Light Switch Covers

Decorative light switch covers – If your project is to paint these covers switches, maintenance depends on the type of paint you choose. The latex-based paint and a bright finish is the easiest to clean. You just need to remove stains and fingerprints with a soft cloth dampened with a solution of warm water and a drop of mild dishwashing detergent. Moreover, the “flat” paints have a texture that traps dirt and leaves streaks. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain the beauty of these covers.

There are more creative ways to protect these decorative light switch covers. You can coat them, for example, with a beautiful design paper. Artisan shops offer a variety of options, but you could opt for old maps or other papers with an interesting design. Make a stroke of the switch cover on the back of the paper, making sure it is aligned properly. Then cut out the template and glue adhierela craftsman or an adhesive material that can be placed in position. Make holes for the light switch and screws. Seal the paper with water-based urethane, you can get at hardware stores.

In addition to protecting the surface from tears, the sealer will allow the paper can be washed with soap and water. For a variation of this idea, lining decorative light switch covers with printed cotton fabric. Follow the same procedure, replacing it with fabric glue and treating the surface with a stain repellent.

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