Good Headboard Lamp Ideas

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Beautiful Headboard Lamp

Headboard lamp – Upholstered headboards are excellent for people who like to sit back and relax, but for ultimate comfort bedding, a headboard can be covered in material with a front horizontal zipper pouch to stash extra padding or pillows. For small rooms, a headboard with built in lights eliminates the need for end tables, but still you can read or watch TV without eyestrain.

There is no limit to the types of unusual objects used as headboard lamp. Mirrors can add the illusion of space in a room, while the antique doors, gates and even small-town life makes whimsical headboards. Shutters, metal canopies or large windows frame can also be used. When preparing a recycled item for headboard use, make sure it is ground smooth so no old paint flakes will fall in the bed, and that any extra decorative objects are properly secured.

Unique headboard lamp can be made even if you have some woodworking or sewing experience. A square of plywood can be painted as a scene with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, wrapped in unusual fabric and stitched on the back or covered by a collage of photos, postcards and letters. More experienced craftsmen can make a headboard that reflects a hobby as a birdhouse motif or create original works, from a hand-stitched quilt stretched in a window frame to a large piece of clip art personalized and modified to suit the room’s theme.

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