Good Tips For Decorative Lighting

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Amazing Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting – Many people have not even raised the possibility of decorating a light switch, but creativity has no limits and even the most unlikely corner of the house can turn into a small work of art. Here you have about a dozen ideas for turning on and off lights house has more grace than ever. Diving Internet we found decorative, witty and fun options. Some accessories for switches can be purchased and others can do it yourself with a little creativity.

Well, the proposal you do here is you customize decorative lighting switches with different techniques or buying new products. The easiest thing is to change the light switches for model more in line with the rest of the decor. It’s easy: you just have to study the whole and see if you will a chrome model, zinc finish, wood, etc.

Decorative lighting, another idea is to glue a decorative vinyl or stenciling a drawing with a template around the switch. It is an option that also solves a common problem: the dirty walls around switches. How about drawing the silhouette of a cat around the switch in the room the kids. Pass the silhouette drawing to a sheet of acetate and trims. Fastened with masking tape to the wall and flip the switch perfectly. Now just you apply a spray paint in your chosen color on the wall.

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