Good Tufted Headboard DIY

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Awesome Tufted Headboard DIY

Tufted headboard DIY – Not little people like the look of an upholstered headboard. A tufted headboard, the addition of buttons to give it the tufted look. Buy a tufted headboard can be expensive, but you can make your own with just a few supplies. You first need to dress gable and then add tassels. For best results, make sure you have a large part of the floor in the work.

Build tufted headboard DIY, measure and cut plywood to 4 meters by 6 meters with a circular saw. Place your fabric on a clean floor with the right side of the fabric to the floor. Center two layers of quilt batting on top of the fabric. Place the plywood on top of the quilt batting and center it. Trim quilt batting so it is the same size as the piece of plywood. Cut the fabric so that you have 4 extra inches all the way around the plywood.

Pull the fabric up the middle on one side and secure it to the plywood with the staple gun. Work on the opposite side and pull it up and attach the middle of the fabric on the side and pulled the fabric properly. Repeat with the other two sides. Working from the middle of each side in the corners, pulling the fabric tightly and staple down with plywood. Cut any excess fabric to remove bulky, but remember that this is the back of the handmade tufted headboard DIY so that no one will see it.

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