How To Put Quilted Headboard Bed

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Nice Quilted Headboard Bed

How To Put Quilted Headboard Bed – headboard can provide a bed a more formal appearance, and as a nice focal point in the room. Quilted headboard bed may also be functional, as in the case of a bookshelf headboard. In some people, the gable is a necessary part of the bed frame, which consists of three metal rails and two feet, or two metal rails and a foot board. In these beds, headboard legs also function as two legs at the head of the bed. The other beds are removable headboard and purely decorative, metal bed frame is completely independent and the headboard is optional. The method for attaching the end cap to the bed varies somewhat depending on whether the end cover is part of the bed frame or removable.

First steps put quilted headboard bed. Remove bedding and remove the mattress and box spring from the bed. Locate the mounting holes to be used for attaching the end of the frame. Each bed frame has screw holes for a headboard, often there are several located along the upper bed rail, designed to accommodate different headboard styles. The screw holes will be placed on either side of the bed the railway at the headboard. If you cannot find the screw holes, check the trains going over the foot of the bed-you can have the bed frame turned.

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Locate the screw holes on the quilted headboard bed. The headboard will have 2 legs; screw holes will be on the legs. Stand headboard against the wall or have a friend hold it upright. Press bed frame up against the headboard. When you do this, align the screw holes and insert the screws and nuts and bolts. Press the bed to its final location and replace the box spring, mattress and bedding.

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