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Amazing Garden Design

Garden design – Small gardens can also have fancy designs and landscape gardening with style as we can see in the examples. Eastern culture of Zen gardens is very beneficial and useful for outdoor spaces less volume and that is precisely what you want more space available. One trick to enlarge small gardens and harness their full space very efficiently is to build or place leveling. These can be of teakwood as we see in the black platform of photography, and in this case serves to isolate obviously all part destined to dining room.

Then a model of garden design that has sought to include all items using the right space. Again appear teak platforms to mark the different areas, but also draws our attention to the original way they have planted clumps of grass at the edges of the pool to give a more natural look.

Let’s see a little more functional yard and essentially intended for everyday use and leisure time outdoors. This is a very minimalist design that will see mostly straight and smooth forms. However, plants have their place in this garden design so futuristic to provide the natural touch. You can also create the delimitations simply as an ornamental in small gardens, such as decorative strips of stones. Its function is basically to beautify the landscape and reassure mixing materials and textures.

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