Install Decorative Recessed Lighting Trim

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Unique Decorative Recessed Lighting Trim

Decorative recessed lighting trim – decorative recessed lighting trim provides a simple to install and unobtrusive way to light up a room. Since most of your recessed lighting is hidden in your roof, trim you choose makes a great decorative effect. If you want to change the look of your decorative recessed lighting trim, consider replacing your current trim for a more aesthetically pleasing option.

Your recessed fixtures need a trim ring installed to give them the proper finished appearance. These trim rings cover up flaws in the cut edge of the plaster around the recessed luminaries. Decorative hoods are the decorative recessed lighting trim rings that give a little decoration and an unusual touch to your recessed fixtures. Change the look of your recessed light fixture is as simple as removing the old trim ring and snap a new one in its place.

Set up a step-ladder up over recessed light that you want to change the decorative trim. Grasp the old trim, once up on the ladder, and pull the trim off of recessed lights. You may need to twist it back and forth slightly to aid in its removal. Take your new decorative cover and insert the recessed lights. Push it straight in engaging the springs. They will hold it in place. Buy the right size cover for your decorative recessed lighting trim. Since the recessed lights are available in various sizes, it is wise to measure the diameter of the light before they buy a new cover.

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