Installing Decorative Recessed Light Cover

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Snap On Decorative Recessed Light Covers

Decorative recessed light cover-A recessed light installation is not complete until decorative moldings, or cap, are put in place. Trim needed to cover up the sometimes jagged edges in the plaster as a result of cutting access holes for fixture installation. Install a decorative recessed light cover are simple; be sure to buy the right size trim.

Purchase inset lenses that match the dimensions of the housing openings on the light fixtures installed. Common dimensions housing openings: 3 inches, 4 inches. Keep the light cover up against recessed so that the inside edge of the lid is aligned with the edge of the fixture. Use needle-nose pliers to stretch the spring hooks so that they can be inserted in the support holes on the inside of the luminaire housing.

Before hooking springs, turn the lid so the hooks are lined up with the support holes. Move the decorative recessed light cover housing as needed, it will cover up any areas cut drywall. Although the covers are installed, they can be moved slightly to ensure a perfect look. Make sure the lights are “OFF”; you do not need to worry about accidentally touching the socket with your needle-nose pliers.

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