Make A Nice Seagrass Headboard

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Seagrass headboard – starting with find and purchase a seagrass area rug that is slightly larger than the desired size of your headboard. Seagrass rugs are available in a variety of retailers, from discount home stores to upscale designer shops. Measure and cut a 1/2-inch thick plywood panel. For example, if you bought a 5-foot-by-7-foot rug, cut the plywood panel 57 inches by 81 inches. A 5-foot-by-7-foot rug making a headboard fit for a king-size bed. Sand both sides of the plywood panel. With a damp cloth, wipe both sides of the panel.

Stain or priming and painting one side of the plywood panel to coordinate with the colors of the seagrass headboard blanket. Coat both sides of plywood with a polyurethane coating, one at a time. Before flipping it over to coat the opposite side, Let the polyurethane to dry completely on one side of the panel. Let drying polyurethane according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place seagrass carpet face down on a flat surface. Center the plywood panel at the top of the back of the carpet. Wrap an edge of the blanket over the edge of the plywood panel.

Beginning in the middle, stapling the edges of seagrass carpet to the back of the plywood with a staple gun powerful. Place staples each 1 inch from the center to every corner. Repeat this step around the perimeter of the plywood panel. Corner parts of seagrass carpet will stand straight up. Press a corner section of seagrass rug flat against the plywood. Skive gently blanket diagonally from corner to the tip end with a utility knife. On top of each, fold the sliced sections other and the staple in place. Repeat this step for each corner. Your seagrass headboard was done.

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