How To Make Decorative Solar Lights With Wood

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Decorative solar lights – Solar lights make a beautiful outdoor decoration. They light up the roads and weak accent shrubs and flowers in the garden landscaping. They are in the home and garden, and they are in simple colors like black, copper and silver, making them plain, but also to create a perfect opportunity to create something unique and decorative for your garden. With just a few supplies, making decorative solar lights is easy and a great project for the whole family.

Make decorative solar lights with wood, Cut wood plank in a 12-inch section. This length is long enough to encase the operation of sun light and keep it steady even if it is on display. Drill a hole down the center of the cutting board. Using a new drill to make cutting easier and faster. Keeping the drill evenly until you have drilled at least 6 inches. Test the depth of overages sun light to make sure it is deep enough to hold it. If the hole is too shallow, drill deeper.

Sand wooden plank with 220-grit sandpaper. There is gravel that will smooth the rough edges without leaving scratches on wood. Be sure to sand down any splinters or any surface marks in the wood. Paint the wood plank and decorate. Using glossy acrylic paint to protect the wood and beautify it. Shiny colors are also more water resistant, so it will keep your wood better protected from the outdoor elements. Does wagered sun light in the hole you drilled? Place it outside in an area where it will get the most light for decorative solar lights.

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