Making Twin Upholstered Headboard

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Twin Upholstered Headboard Blue

Twin upholstered headboard is a simple way to give a bedroom a do it yourself touch. Twin beds are especially suited for this project because the smaller dimensions make it easier to hold the fabric smooth and lighter weight board is easier to hang from the wall. Since you only need one and a half of cloth for a twin upholstered headboard yard and consider splurging on something special.


Cut the plywood to the width of your mattress and four meters in height. A twin size mattress is 39 inches wide. The board can be left rectangular, or the corners can be rounded. Use a plate of a model for a rounded corner; hold it against the two top corners and tracking around the curve.

Lay the batting on the floor with plywood in the middle of it. Pull the ends around to the back of the card and staple them in place 2 inches from the board edges. Miter the corners by folding down the upper and lower first and then the sides, and then pull the remaining corner material down and staple it in place.

Place the fabric on the floor face down. Place the board on the fabric, batting down. Pull the fabric around to the back of the card and staple it in place 2 inches from the edge of the board. Gera corners as above. The fabric to be pulled taut and smooth such that there are no wrinkles in the front twin upholstered headboard. Trim the edges of the batting and fabric to a half inch from the staples. Attach the padded board on the wall with flush mounts.

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