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Garden Design Ideas Colorful

Garden design ideas – There are features that share the most current landscape designs, among them you can find teak platforms, roads and fences; decorative stones and also a notable oriental influence. The feeling it brings to the gardens is comfort, warmth and naturalness because it complements very well with the vegetation. However, you know that the pieces of wood that are outside need special care to maintain its appearance and that weather conditions may affect them.

Garden design ideas, you can find in specialty stores different types of wood preservatives according to their function, they can be pigmented containing pigments that protect wood from the sun; insecticides, water repellent to protect from moisture and fungicides that prevent mushroom production.

But before choosing the materials for a design of small and modern garden design ideas you create the structure of the elements. The situation of the bank has helped the efficient use of space, and small islands with plants surround the road without hindering it. Another tip that will help create a feeling of spaciousness in small gardens is the placement of light elements on the bottom or the rear, while the darker will be in the center or in the main area and go clearing color as we move into the path of the road.

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