Moen Handheld Shower Head Ideas

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Moen Handheld Shower Head Flow Restrictor

Moen handheld shower head also known as a shower arm, is a shower head connected to the shower arm with a hose. This allows you to remove the shower head and direct the flow more easily. It makes bathing pets or cleaning the shower itself an easy job, and is also useful for handicapped shower. To install a moen handheld shower head in an existing bathtub, you just need to remove the existing shower head.

Wrap a strap wrench around the nut that secures the existing shower head to the shower arm. Tighten the strap wrench and turn it until the nut is loose. Grinding shower head and nut out of the shower arm. If you do not have a strap wrench, nut wraps in a cloth and uses a regular wrench to loosen the nut. Wrap the threaded end of the shower arm in three layers of Teflon tape. This will make the joint between the moen handheld shower head attachment and shower arm waterproof. Screw the shower bracket on the shower arm. Insert one end of the moen handheld shower head hose in the base of the shower bracket and screw the other end of the hand shower. Place the hand shower in the shower mount.

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