New Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

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Bathroom Shower Tile Designs For Walls

Bathroom shower tile designs – Adding tile design for a shower can greatly enhance the look and appeal of the shower and bathroom space without increasing the cost much, if at all, depending on the design. Design can be simple, made ​​in a pattern or design to appear randomly or they can be decorated including mosaics.

Regardless of design, simple or ornate, it will work best if the room accurately measured and designed projected on a sheet of paper before buying supplies. A bathroom with a simple tile design completed during a remodeling job can increase the overall value of a home by changing a shower from standard to extraordinary. Measure the length and height of all the shower walls or walls in the bathroom, which will be covered in bathroom shower tile designs. Measure how high you want to place the tiles on the wall. Measure the height of the faucets, knobs and showers in the shower. Record these measurements on a sheet of paper.

Decide on the tile design will be a limit design, a mosaic, a pattern or a “random” pattern. Decide if the design will be limited to shower or should it cover all tiled areas in the bathroom shower tile designs.  Make several identical sketches of the shower area is redesigned. Several sketches works better than deleting and redoing designed on the same sheet, especially if you decide that the previous design was better. Decide on the size of the tile that will be used and drag them into the sketch. If a shower is 6 feet wide and the tile will be 12 inches x 12 inches, then 6 tiles squares will be developed across the plan.

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