Old Decorative Solar Lights For Garden

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Popular Decorative Solar Lights For Garden

Decorative solar lights for garden – When cheap solar lights no longer work, you might think that throwing them is the only option. Instead of adding them to your local landfill, recycle old solar lights in decorative arts and crafts for your garden. The lights may not work, but the decorative shapes and patterns of the light areas can make interesting and useful lawn art.

Use light components from the old decorative solar lights for garden to accent the garden art. Glue them to the tops of the posts along your garden fence. Wrap the wire around the ends to make hangers and then hang decorative solar lights for garden from a chandelier or from a tree branch. Paint the glass with colorful glass color, and then make strings of three or more to use as a decorative barrier or curtain on your patio or backyard. To connect the lamps, to win the wire around the top and bottom of the light component, this ends in a loop. Connect the coils in a vertical string using more heavy thread or fishing line.

Old decorative solar lights for garden can still be an attractive asset in your landscape, even if the lights no longer work. You can use the sun’s light as decorative garden stakes or limits for small gardens. Place lights around your vegetable garden or write the names of flowers, herbs and vegetables over the glass with a glass paint pen. An acrylic paint pen works if you prefer to write plant names directly on the insert part of the sun’s light. Choose a white or yellow color pencil so that the word will stand out against the dark metal game.

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