Tufted Headboard King Design

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Elegant Tufted Headboard King

Tufted headboard king – Quilted king size headboard can hang securely on the wall behind the bed with flush mounts attached to the wall studs. Plywood is lighter than hardwood and easier to handle. When covered with foam and fabric and hung, makes this headboard for a comfortable headboard to lean on for reading or watching TV.

Tufted headboard king, measure and mark the face-up side of the plywood 3 inches from the top and 3 inches from the left corner. Use a straight edge to mark a line of dots on the wood was 4 to 5 inches in a horizontal row from the first mark. These marks show where to drill through the plywood so that you can attach buttons for tufting. Adjust the distance of the brands that suit your personal style.

Put down a cloth and tilt the tufted headboard king against the wall. Measure and mark where the new bolts are possible to use a tape measure and pencil. Insert a wood bit into a drill and tighten the chuck to hold some firmly in place. Select a wood bit which is the same circumference as bolts. Drill holes in the end where you marked it with the drill and wood bit. Insert the bolts into the newly drilled holes and tighten with a socket wrench, threading the holes, then back the bolts to connect the headboard to the frame.

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