Twin Bed Headboard And Footboard Wood

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Twin Bed Headboard And Footboard Ideas

Twin bed headboard and footboard – There are a lot of creative ideas that can help you arrange and enhance the beauty of your home. One of these ideas uses headrests bookshelves. Simply put, it gives you extra space where you can put your favorite books, lamps, clocks and much more.

What’s great about twin bed headboard and footboard is all your essentials are within your reach so that you do not have to drag yourself out of bed to find the remote or your sunglasses. The bed is equipped with head bookshelves and under bed storage conditions are great for any modern home d├ęcor. It comes in two sizes twin beds with headboard height of 45.25 inches, 39 inches wide and 15 inches.

Twin bed headboard and footboard is constructed of composite wood and made elegant with light maple finish. It features 3 drawers where you can store or put your books, alarm clock and more. The headboard is attached with screws to the metal bed frame. The unit measures 40 inches tall by 11 inches wide by 40 inches long. This unique furniture has a head with a sliding door where you can store your important for easy access. It is constructed of solid wood that bring warmth and beauty to any contemporary decor.

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