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Unique Headboard Ideas Modern

Unique headboard ideas – While many people have beds without headboards, headboards add character and visual appeal to beds and rooms. But made headboards tend to be expensive and lack individual style. If you are an intransigent individualist or simply want to bring the main room to life with something different, think outside the usual range of bedside materials, colors and shapes.

Whether you live in a cottage, home or home decorated in the popular “shabby chic” style, a wooden unique headboard ideas will add some character to your bedroom. Get enough shutters that, when placed side by side, are as wide as your bed. Paint them with low or non-VOC paint. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are both heinous and bad for your health. Apply an antiquing treatment, or simply sanding the paint away in spots. Attach the blinds along with a tried and true method like wood strips and enjoy your seedy new headboard. Better Sleep Tip, a sturdy head “can help create a sense of stability,” which contributes to the total tranquility of your room.

A cheap but interesting alternative to current wrought iron spikes is to paint peaks black silhouettes directly on the wall behind the bed. Or follow the suggestion of the web page “Design * Sponge” and embroider a “wrought iron” design on a more traditional padded unique headboard ideas

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