Using Decorative Recessed Lighting

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Decorative Recessed Fluorescent Lighting

Decorative recessed lighting can have multiple uses. Some people use recessed lighting as a necessity, while others use it as a specific design technology. No matter what your reasons behind using decorative recessed lighting when it is designed and placed in the right way it can add beauty and elegance to your home, while acting as an efficient light source for almost all types of rooms. You need not be a design professional to determine the best use of recessed lighting.

Figure out if you want to install recessed lighting inside, outside or both. Decorative recessed lighting can be installed in any indoor ceiling, even a finished roof, or outdoors such as patios and porches. Use airtight fixtures for your recessed lighting. Equipment that is not airtight will leak air, which will reduce the efficiency of your home heating and cooling systems. Do recessed lighting in high traffic areas where additional lighting can be a design element, as well as an extra precaution. These areas may include dark hallways and entrances and a covered porch. Add recessed lighting in addition to other types of fixtures in the most important rooms in your home, including the kitchen, dining room or living room. The recessed lighting can emphasize the extra light source; giving you control over exactly how much light is in the room.

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